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Cos Handbook

CoS Handbook

Annual Festival and AGM

Festival Poster 2010
2010 Festival Mass Sermon - Revd Jo Spreadbury SCP
AGM 2010 Agenda
AGM 2010 Chairman's Report
AGM 2010 Membership Report
AGM 2010 Accounts
AGM 2010 Minutes

Festival Poster 2011
AGM 2011 Agenda
AGM 2011 Chairman's Report
AGM 2011 Membership Report
AGM 2011 Accounts
AGM 2011 Minutes

Festival Poster 2012
AGM 2012 Agenda
AGM 2012 Chairman's Report
AGM 2012 Membership Report
AGM 2012 Accounts
AGM 2012 Minutes

Festival Poster 2013
AGM 2013 Agenda
AGM 2013 Chairman's Report
AGM 2013 Membership Report
AGM 2013 Accounts
AGM 2013 Minutes

Festival Poster 2014
AGM 2014 Agenda
AGM 2014 Chairman's Report
AGM 2014 Membership Report
AGM 2014 Accounts
AGM 2014 Minutes

Festival Poster 2015
AGM 2015 Agenda
AGM 2015 Accounts
AGM 2015 Minutes

Festival Poster 2017
2010 Festival Mass Sermon - Very Revd Andrew Nunn SCP
AGM 2017 Agenda
AGM 2017 Accounts

Festival Poster 2018
AGM 2018 Agenda
AGM 2018 Accounts


Norwich Epiphany Poster Poster
Exeter Inaugural Eucharist Poster
Bath & Wells Inaugural Meeting Poster
St Albans Summer Mass and BBQ Poster
Southwark Inaugural Meeting Poster
London Inaugural Meeting Poster
Chelmsford Inaugural Meeting Poster
Blackburn and Liverpool Inaugural Meeting Poster
St Alban's Chapter AGM
Norwich Chapter Trinity Meeting


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Rite of Admission
Registration Form to register your interest in joining a local Chapter or receiving information on local events. Alternatively, you can use the electronic form here.