About the Company of Servers Who we are What we do

The Company of Servers was formed in the spring of 2009 for all who are servers in the Anglican Communion.

Membership is open to all ages, from the youngest, newest server, to those who have dedicated many years’ service. Members are known as Companions and become part of a national and international community of friendship, teaching, learning and support. You can read our Constitution here.

Companions are members of the Company in the area, (usually the diocese), where they serve. These are known as ‘Chapters’, and each has its own identity and role within the whole Company. New members should contact their local Chapter to find out more about its activities. The Company was founded alongside the Society of Catholic Priests and shares its understanding that the ordained priesthood is for all whom the Church believe to be called. The Company of Servers seeks to encourage, support and value lay ministry in the Anglican Communion and to help servers develop not only practical but spiritual skills as well as offering friendship, guidance and learning opportunities.Serving at the altar is a privilege and forms part of an act of worship in which all can take part.

The Company of Servers seeks to offer an understanding of the interpretation of worship and liturgy—teaching the meaning of what servers do and encouraging development both practically and spiritually.

The annual Company Festival focuses on fellowship, worship and learning, both from each other and in a variety of interactive workshops, activities, talks and reflections. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with others who share their time and talent in the service of God’s Church. Throughout the year, individual Chapters organise their own training days, worship, meetings and activities. Companions are encouraged to take an active part in the Company which provides opportunities for all age groups and understands the levels of commitment those who serve can offer. Families and friends are welcomed to open events. The Company of Servers aims to promote good practice in serving and liturgical excellence, not only for its members but for clergy who can become Associate Companions.

The ministry of servers is a quiet one and often goes unnoticed but makes an enormous contribution to worship, whether in a tiny village church or a great cathedral. The Company of Servers hopes to raise not only an understanding of the hows and whys of serving but also encourage those who serve already to continue and feel valued.

Through raising awareness of the ministry of those who serve at the altar it is hoped that others will begin to explore this essential role in the service of God and his Church.